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The On-Hold Difference
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All On Hold Intelligence Service Agreements include the following Bonus Features…Absolutely Free

On-Hold productions are fully customized for your business…Never generic or boilerplate.

Custom script writing from our “Creative Writing” department at no additional charge.

Message updates at your request. You tell us when you’re ready to update…who would know better.

Flexible voice talent. Male, Female,

or Both at no additional charge.

Nationally known voice talent. Don’t be fooled by companies that use their own voices (managers, secretary, etc) to tell your story and project your image. On Hold Intelligence utilizes nationally know voice talent.

Your choice of message format. On Hold Intelligence offers all available formats at no extra charge. CD, cassette, or electronic media. (MP3, wave, etc.)

Don’t’ be fooled by companies who offer bulky packages. 4, 6, 12 message changes per year. Our experience is…who knows how many changes you will need from year to year. On Hold Intelligence offers a base Service Agreement with 2 message changes per year for one annual rate and one flat price for any additional message changes, Period!

Flexible billing. You choose, annual, semi annual, quarterly, monthly.

Huge discounts off the MSRP for On Hold Intelligence digital equipment. Save up to $200.00 with any  Service Agreement.

Free shipping of equipment

(standard ground)

The On-Hold Difference