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On-Hold Intelligence - Quality Services Since 1994


On hold Intelligence is a sound production company specializing in all aspects of spoken word communication. We can take you telephone system to the next level or give you a complete sound makeover.

Since 1994, On Hold Intelligence has been developing the perfect “Match Blend” of sound for companies from coast to coast. It’s no longer just how you look, but how you sound that’s important. 

Match Blend - Simply defined, its the sound your company delivers as part of your overall Branding.


Since 1994, On Hold Intelligence has been an ongoing Voice Over Company specializing in telephone message on-hold.  Since the beginning we have helped businesses just like yours achieve and find their great sound!  Our products and services are simplistic to implement and maintain. 

Our mission is to make

your company sound great.

If it needs a voice...Call us!

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