The fee for our program equals approximately 40 days of smokes for the average smoker. Stopping smoking will put $2000 back in your pocket every year”.

Why don’t you spend what you would have spent this month on cigarettes, on becoming a non-smoker?

“Our program is tax deductible.

You can write it off on your Federal income taxes as a “medical expense”.

In fact, the IRS is specific that over the counter nicotine therapy products are not deductible, but our services are.

Here’s the link to the IRS site:


  1.      The U.S. Surgeon General states that every year more Americans die from tobacco than AIDS, alcohol, drugs, car accidents,                

       murders, suicides and fires combined!

  1.       Tobacco use is killing one person every 6 seconds around the world! By the time you finish reading this, another smoker will have

       just passed away from smoking!

  1.       Tobacco related diseases account for more deaths in the USA and Canada than any other cause!

  2.       Taxpayers lose millions to smoking related health costs!


  1.     Smoking is relaxing - Smoking actually increases high blood pressure and stress.

  2.     It will be too difficult to quit - Hypnosis makes the experience relaxing and empowering.

  3.     I'll gain weight - You'll learn to replace smoking with self-hypnosis and relaxation, not food.


makes you look older

than you really are.

Stop Now

Tired of looking 
out of date?

Make this your day to choose Life. 
We have someone waiting 24 hours a day to answer your call. 
Let us answer your questions so you can Join the thousands who proudly say 
“We Quit Smoking With Morris Institute”
Morris Institute has helped thousands of smokers to quickly, easily and permanently
“Kick the Habit”

Stop Smoking Program

More than 40 of the chemicals the FTC found in cigarette smoke cause cancer in humans.

“Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit.”

                       -New Scientist, 10/92

The Morris Institute
  1. 1.Cold Turkey
    This “will-power” method works well for some the very first time they try it. It seldom is effective in later attempts and the smoker usually must seek outside assistance.

2. Nicotine Replacement Therapy      

    Nico-Gum, Skin Patches, Lozenges, Nasal Spray,        

    Nicotine Inhaler, etc.

    Factors to Consider:

•    The smoker must stay highly motivated.

       Health risks are high if the smoker doesn’t STOP

       smoking completely when using these methods.

  1.    Minor side effects may include light-headedness,

  2.    nausea, sore mouth, hiccups, and excess amount of

  3.    saliva.

   Most of these must be continued for 2 to 3

     months. Gum up to 6 months.        

  1.    Common side effects of the patch are skin    

  2.    redness and restless sleep.
    Nicotine patches are great.
    Stick one over each eye and
    you can't find your cigarettes.

  3.   One dose of Nasal Spray is equal to one spray in each    

     nostril. Some people use 40 doses a day.

*Most smokers have tried these and found they do not work.
Smoking is not a physical problem. 

  1. 3.“Gradual Fading”
    The smoker is supposed to reduce their smoking level            

      gradually over four to six weeks and then quit cold    

       turkey. This is one of the least effective ways.  


You’ve probably already tried



The option which is the most successful provides behavioral modification assistance as well as stress management, weight control, and tips for preventing relapse.

"Time to realize.....

you don't actually smoke.

The cigarette does all the smoking,

you are just the sucker!"

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