Choosing a Hypnotherapist

Finding a skillful and experienced hypnotherapist can be a challenging if not daunting and complicated task. Hypnotherapists are providers of alternative therapy and are not licensed. Therefore, legally, anyone can practice hypnotherapy without special training or experience.

Unfortunately, most inquiries about therapy begin with “what does it cost?” First, it is important to make sure your hypnotherapist is a professional. Also make sure he or she has experience in treating your particular condition. An untrained, inexperienced person can always charge less for their efforts than a trained professional. But as with most things....”one gets what they pay for”. And so it is with hypnotherapy, the results are greatly dependent upon the person you have chosen for your therapist. 

Finally, regarding cost; Hypnotherapy, along with Acupuncture, Chiropractic, etc. are considered part of Alternative Health Care and as such are not covered by most health insurance companies. The Morris Institute is accepted by some insurance policies depending upon the therapy. Please call and let us check with your insurance provider to determine if they will cover our services. Workers Comp. insurance is usually accepted. For those who are not covered by insurance we suggest that the client look at the fees as an investment in their future for a full and enriching life.

Questions to ask:

  1. 1.  To begin your search for a hypnotherapist, the first question to ask anyone with whom you consider working is;

      "Are you a certified/registered hypnotherapist? If they answer “no”, say thank you and move on. If their response is 

      “yes”, ask them “by whom?" (You can  check out those organizations/schools on the web.)

2.   Many hypnotherapists only work “part-time”, so the next question should be, “Do you work part-time or full time?” 

3.   Professional hypnotherapists have an office of their own and do not work out of their homes. Some hypnotherapists

      may actually offer to come to YOUR house to do therapy. So ask, “Do you have an office?”  If so, “Where is it 

      located”. (A professional hypnotherapist’s office will be located in a professional center....not in a real estate office,

      back of a store, etc.)

4.   Experience is critical. Ask, “How long have you been in full-time practice?” 

  1. 5.  Another area you should explore is how much experience the prospective therapist has had in your area of need.

      Rather than ask, “Can you help me with panic attacks?”, ask “What are your specialties?” If they do not mention the  

      problem you would like to address, then ask if, or how many clients have they treated for this, and how many


6.   Lastly, ask how many sessions it will take to achieve your goal and how much it will cost.

If you are satisfied with the responses to all other questions, ask yourself one final question. "Am I comfortable with this person?"  Attempting to work with someone who may be highly qualified but with whom you have no rapport, or with someone you don't feel comfortable around, will only serve to interfere with your progress.
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