Great!  So.....What are you going to do?
     Most people have already tried these ineffective choices...
  •  Start buying pre-packaged food?
        Jenny Craig, Nutra System (and others) are expensive, the pre-packaged food is a hassle     
        and it doesn’t agree with everyone. It’s still a diet and when you stop buying, the weight 
        goes right back on. 

    • How About Taking Some “Magic” Weight Loss Pills? 
       Weight loss pills are appetite suppressants, caffeine pills, many are laxative and others are 
       addictive. These pills should never be taken without the prescription of a doctor because of the 
       health risks involved. They can increase risk of physical and psychological addiction, headaches, 
       high blood pressure, heart palpitations, arrhythmias, heart attack, anxiety and depression.

    • Thinking of Surgery?
         Gastric bypass? A Lap-Band?  It’s the last resort for people who’ve given up any hope of getting 
          in control. This surgery has many short term and long-term side effects. In fact about twenty     
         percent of patients who have undergone this operation need another operation to correct the 
         side effects. Short term ones include diarrhea, stomach upsets, nausea, vomiting, heartburn 
         and others. Long-term effects may be vitamin deficiency, stroke and even death.

    •  Start Another Diet?  
     Did you know that one in four Americans is currently on a diet?             
     And did you also know that a whopping 95 percent of those people will fail? 
    According to the American Dietetic Association 
    There are over 1500 different diets for weight control 
    over 50% of American women are on a diet at any given time.
    This only points out something you already know:  
Diets Don’t Work


You probably know that hundreds of different fad diets, weight-loss programs and outright scams promise quick and easy weight loss. You must make permanent changes in your lifestyle and health habits to lose significant weight and keep it off.”

How do you make those permanent changes?

Weight Control

          Center for Disease Control

            and Prevention

  1. Percent of adults age 20 years and over     who are overweight or obese: 66%

  2. Percent of adolescents age 12-19 years who are overweight: 17%

  3. Percent of children age 6-11 years who are overweight: 19%

Don’t Wait!  Extra Pounds Shorten Lives

Researchers say people overweight at midlife die three to 13 years sooner than others.

        * Study conducted by Dutch researchers and published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. 

                                    Obese people died sooner.

                                    Female non-smokers = 7.1 years

                                    Male non-smokers = 5.8                                                     

                                                        Obese smokers

                                                          Female = 13.3 years

                                                          Male = 13.7 years

At Morris Institute the client/patient will experience proven weight control methods in addition to hypnotherapy techniques that will significantly increase their chances of losing weight successfully in the long term. 
We help people change their outlooks and perceptions about themselves which fosters enhanced self-esteem, and increased motivation, leading to permanent weight control.
Behavior modification works to create a healthy lifestyle.
Ask about our economical package programs

Harness the power of your unconscious mind


Win at Weight Loss Today

You’ve tried what hasn’t worked,  
it’s time to try hypnosis. 

In comparing the results of adding hypnosis to weight loss treatment, studies showed that adding hypnosis increased weight loss by an average of 97% during treatment, and even more importantly increased the effectiveness POST TREATMENT by over 146%. 
This shows that hypnosis works even better over time 
                                                                        (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1996)
We can train your brain to be 
focused on weight loss success. 
•  •  •
It’s time to create better 
self-esteem, confidence and motivation.


TAKE CONTROL OF: Cravings, Binging, and Compulsive Eating

ENJOY:  Increased Motivation, Energy and Confidence

BEGIN: Making Better Choices Easily

DISCOVER: How Weight Loss Improves Breathing, Mobility, Blood Pressure,

              Cholesterol, and Quality of Life.


“Hypnosis can actually help you lose weight.” 
Harvard Medical School • Psychotherapist Jean Fain

What have you got to lose?

We have someone waiting 24 hours a day to answer your call.


Morris Institute will: 

  1.     work out your personal strategy to guarantee weight loss success.

  2.     walk you through your personal challenges.

  3.      work with you to ‘train your brain’ to change undesirable eating habits.

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