Anxiety causes negative effects on the performance quality in many different situations: tests/examinations, job interviews, athletic performance, public speaking, and even sexual performance. Performance anxiety may often be observed among such public performers as speakers, athletes and musicians.

Quite often stage fright arises in a mere anticipation of a performance, often a long time ahead. It has numerous manifestations: fluttering or pounding heart,  tremor in the hands and legs, diarrhea, facial nerve tics, dry mouth. Performance anxiety may be observed in people of all levels of experience and background, from beginners to professionals. Some people have turned to medication and alcohol to avoid performance anxiety, however it does not work and always compromises one’s performance.

What is the answer?

Performance anxiety begins in the mind with negative, fear-based thoughts which manifest into physical responses. These body signals are recognized by the brain and fed back to the body in a cycle which escalates and can ultimately lead to incapacitating helplessness. Each experience can get worse, making the person consider giving up performing.

The mind is the root of the problem. The body’s reaction is the symptom of the problem. Medication and alcohol only attempt to treat the symptom, but ultimately they do little more than compromise the level, and enjoyment of performance. The solution lies in the control of the mind, and hypnosis is the most effective tool.

Public Speaking:

•   Dr. Morris is often asked to speak about hypnotherapy at organizations and groups. 

    He can assist you in creating your presentation and making it a confident experience.

Tests & Examinations:

•  As a former educator, Dr. Morris has a great deal of experience with test taking and test 

   development. He has the expertise to assist you in getting your best possible results. At 

   Morris Institute he has successfully helped attorneys pass the Bar, teachers to pass the C-Best

   test, accountants to become certified, and students at every level to make better grades.

Sports Enhancement

  1. Dr. Morris is an avid tennis player and has also played golf and many other sports. He has 

   helped many athletes regain motivation for training, over-come obstacles, and learn how

   to get and stay “in the zone” during competition.

Successful Interviews:

• For eight years Dr. Morris served on a Board which interviewed and hired employees for a large institution. Since then he has helped many people successfully prepare for, and perform confidently, during interviews.

Stage Performance

  1. In addition to being a therapist, Dr. Morris     

is a professional musician and performer. He served as the Associate Conductor of the Master Chorale of Orange County for eight years, toured with the Boston Pops Orchestra, is a judge at Disneyland vocal festivals, and has appeared as a soloist in performances internationally. He is a highly respected voice coach and director.


Why is Morris Institute your best choice?

Dr. Morris is accomplished in performance on many levels. Read why his diverse experience makes him the best choice for your success.

“Hypnosis is employed today to combat phobias, control bad habits and enhance performance.”

                                       -Smithsonian Magazine

The Morris Institute

Performance Enhancement


Dr. Morris conducting his

ensemble in Venice, Italy

Anyone who finds that the joy of performance has been compromised by doubt and anxiety will benefit greatly from a few sessions at

Morris Institute.  

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